Building Homes and Co-Creating Community With People of All Abilities

Welcome to Tierra Village

Our Mission, Vision and Values
Our mission is to provide homes and services for people with developmental disabilities in a collaborative, integrated and diverse community located in a beautiful natural setting.
Our vision is of a society in which people of all abilities live as equal citizens with full respect for their human rights, freedom and dignity.  Everyone has the same choices and opportunities to live a purposeful and valued community life with the needed supports to do so.
Our values include self-determination, meaningful work opportunities, a celebration of diversity, the experience of lifelong learning and compassionate service.

Our Programs Include:
Residential Services at Coyote House- A BEAUTIFUL Adult Family Home for 5 Adults with Developmental Differences.
Day Program and Pre-Employment Training at TRAILS- Tierra's Recreational Arts and Life Skills Program
Our Bi-Annual Fundraiser Das Deal Book- An amazing local coupon book aimed at connecting us to the community through the mutually beneficial activity of promoting the local economy.

Hidden Lake Hike

Coyote House is looking for two additional residents.   Do you have developmental disabilities?  Do you enjoy being active in the community? Do you like hiking, biking, boating and camping or are you game to try these activities? Come join David, Leo and Josh.  Women are welcome to apply. 

Join Coyote House for the First ( and a smattering of second) Friday Event Nights