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Job Opportunity Available

Tierra Village seeks an energetic, self-motivated, Executive Director who will bring fresh perspective and new ideas to the table.  The organization recognizes itself at an important strategic juncture, where the new Executive will help its transition from the start-up to the ground-and-grow stage, and develop the trajectory for its future programs and services.  The Executive will define and execute a forward-looking agenda that advances the mission of Tierra Village, anchors core programs, and sets the stage for future growth by inspiring others to support its future. To learn more about the position and application process, please click here.


Tierra Learning Center
Tierra Village has formed within a larger land-based community atmosphere in a spectacular natural setting. Working or volunteering for Tierra Village brings you into the larger Tierra Learning Center community. You are welcome to explore our community member’s pages and become involved with their activities.

Volunteer donations
If our project strikes a chord, and you feel moved, please grace us with your skilled labor, donate building or office supplies, or contribute towards our matched funds. All donations receive heartfelt thanks, appropriate tax documentation and a ticket to join us in the founding of Tierra Village. Please get in touch with Shanda Holm  to learn more.

We welcome visitors; please contact us to make arrangements and let us know what is bringing you our way.