Curriculum & Daily Rhythm

2016 Curriculum Topics:

Winter Theme: Leadership & Relationships
We will explore the qualities of leadership, such as communication, problem solving, creativity, self-expression, self-care, and time/stress management, focusing on how they relate to meaningful work and interpersonal relationships.

Spring Theme: Wilderness Awareness
Spring will find us stepping out into the natural world and our community.  Highlights of this session will include learning about emergency preparedness, complete Leave No Trace training, and develop our skills for storytelling.  We’ll also identify key work and volunteer opportunities in our community.

Summer Theme: Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds Through Adventure
This summer we’ll be working on developing healthy bodies & healthy minds through our favorite medium here at TRAILS: adventure! No Barriers Mindset will set the stage for a summer packed with all kinds of confidence boosting adventures – camping, rafting, and hiking, to name a few!  Come learn about goal and boundary setting, continued leadership skills development, and (of course!) building strong, healthy bodies & minds!

Autumn Theme: Let’s Do This!
Let’s Do This! is our project-based session at TRAILS.  Exploring various art forms will be our means to learn about and develop our skills for self-expression, creative problem solving, decision-making, and critical thinking.  We’ll close out this session, and the year, with the return of the TRAILS Art Show!

Block Schedule Schedule:




Work Training


Work Training

Life Skills & Community Involvement

Arts & Music

Life Skills & Community Involvement

Daily Schedule:

TRAILS tends to run on a routine that is consistent yet offers flexibility around special events and outings.


Arrivals – Sign In


Sensory Sit:To practice focus and connecting with our immediate surroundings, the group spends ten, mindful minutes outside of TRAILS, allowing our senses to take in as much as they can.  We then share our experiences and discoveries about the weather and nature.


& Morning Meeting:  Each voice is invited to share an answer to the question of the day in our safe community space.  Questions can come from either staff or participants and can be silly or serious. 




Work Training:  With the help of volunteers and support staff, participants break away into smaller groups or work 1:1 to gain meaningful work experience and practice and develop soft skills.


Recreation:  A time for team building activities, playing games, going on an adventure and having fun together.




Dance Party:  Moving around after lunch helps keep us sharp for the afternoon and is a fun, expressive way to get a little exercise.  Everyone is invited to request songs.


Life Skills & Community Involvement:  Generally the time for field trips, work shops, bringing in local experts or teachers


Arts & Music: Mijanou Fortney teaches Pottery at Tierra’s Barn Studio every other week.  We also engage in music workshops and other various art projects and activities.


Closing Circle:  Each voice is invited again to share an answer to a closing question reflecting on our day. (Likes/dislikes, new experiences, new skills learned, etc)


Sign out & Goodbyes