What will a typical day look like for residents and care partners?

A Day in the Life of Residents and Care Partners at Coyote House.

At the core of a typical day/week’s schedule for Tierra Village residents there will be many elements:  healthy whole foods, employment opportunities, daily living skills training, celebration, the ability to be spontaneous, down time, interactions within the Tierra Village and Tierra Learning Center communities, communication, art & music, access to a good night sleep, and good hygiene and health. How these weave together in the day to day depends on job responsibilities, as well as strengths and interests of both the staff and the residents, combined with economics, support needs and personal choice.

Preparation of three healthful meals a day plus snacks will be the responsibility of the household with active participation by residents and care partners.  The season will invariably deal its hand into the scheduling mix as well. For example: the pears are ripe, who wants to have pears to eat? The blueberries are ripe, does anyone want to collect berries for now and for this winter?
Running Coyote House takes a community, so days reflect the needs of the home as well as the choices of activities residents wish to pursue.  For example questions for daily activities could be "The walks are snowy, would anyone like to shovel snow, or will the community elect to create a rotating schedule for those who are able?" Or "It is really hot, should we go float the river this weekend?"

The following is a possible schedule at Tierra Village, to be determined by resident care manager and those living in the Coyote House:

Hypothetical Weekday Schedule
7:30-8:30      Everyone gets/makes breakfast alongside Care Partner.
9:00              Employment in town accessed via Link Transit with  job coach.
12:30            Lunch at Coyote House or Sack Lunch
1:30              Living Skills/ Training Opportunities at TRAILS
5:30 or 6:00  Dinner
6:00              Resident has ski practice (he is a coach), with Leavenworth Winter Sports Club Director to drive him in.

Saturday Activities

Saturday could be set aside for a fun filled day of adventuring such as Skiing at Steven's pass or hiking trails surrounding Tierra Village, or making music and performing at the Earth Day Gathering, or harvesting pears or making art, going to a festival in town, going dog sledding or horseback riding, etc., etc.

Housing Details

Tierra’s Adult Family home is similar in many ways to other adult family homes in Washington State in that it will have a maximum of 6 residents, and has a separate Care Giver/Resident Manager apartment that is within the main home (in this case downstairs).  Coyote House differs from other adult family homes in that we have an additional caregiver residence that is also attached. In this way we have lots of flexibility to have support staff and/or resident housing options within one building.   The house is divided to offer a feeling of ownership and intimacy within a larger support network.

Community vs. Private Space

Everybody needs community AND private space.  Coyote House seeks to balance these important needs while making sure a safe space is provided for everyone.   We carefully designed this building as a hybrid between a very small apartment building AND a home, in order to provide both a sense of community and a sense of privacy, as needed.  In other words every resident gets their “own” space, BUT they walk out the door of their suite and into a supported community. The Lead Care Partner’s apartment is designed to have a private entrance and yard so when they are off duty they feel like they can really relax both inside and outside.